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Welcome to Abroad Education Specialists (AES), an educational consulting organization officially registered in the United States. Simply put, our goal is to provide information and assistance to students interested in studying abroad at English speaking universities. You have spent long hours studying and preparing, and it is our belief that you deserve a group of professionals who can help you exhibit your brilliance to the top universities. Be sure to visit both of our websites: is dedicated to the agency side of our business, and is dedicated to application essay related products. 

The Advantage of Professionals

Unlike many of our competitors, we exclusively recruit mature professionals to be members of our team. In order to provide the best and most accurate portrayal of your accomplishments, all of our editor consultants are native born Americans currently residing in the US. They are expected to have a minimum of 3 years work experience in their field, although many of them have 10 years or more. The vast majority have ample experience cooperating with and helping non-native speakers. So the benefit received from choosing AES is beyond getting great application support. You also get advice on the culture and how to ultimately prepare yourself for a life living and working in the US. 

Our team is here to assist in the following fields and more: Accounting, Architecture, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Finance, Food Science, Healthcare Administration, International Fairs, LL.M, Mechanical Engineering, MBA, Nutrition, Physics, Public Administration, Statistics, etc. 

Flexible Purchase Options

It's your application and you are the boss. At AES, you can buy a package and let us take care of everything or just buy what you need. Regardless, your order will be taken care of by the same group of professionals under the same service standards. 

 The Personal Touch

Kris Nebel, former Michigan (Ross) Admissions Director said the following:

“You must remember that you are unique. Your choices throughout life are unique. Just be yourself and tell your story.”

College application, especially for international students, is about telling your story in a unique way. At AES, we care about how you have arrived where you are today and how your previous experiences have shaped you. Every application plan is specifically tailored to tell your story and support your best interests.

To assist us in this endeavor, we invented our signature three-part questionnaire. It is like no other in the industry and stands out as why we are the best at allowing you to tell YOUR story. 


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Once you have completed the questionnaire you will be contacted by one of our Chinese consultants, who will go over the information you have provided and fill in the gaps. They are experts in inspiring your thoughts and transforming your answers into a well polished format. Upon completion, your information will be forwarded to one of our American consultants who can then better understand your personal characteristics.