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AES’s Application Process Introduction is a FREE service geared toward helping the applicant understand what a college application looks like. At this point, we only provide this service for applicants to US universities. 

Through a 20 to 30 minute phone call, our consultant provides:

An Introduction to the process

A brief introduction to the college admission process commonly used by US based universities.

Major selection

Based on the applicant’s preferences and available employment data, we assist in the selection of a major. 

General rank evaluation

Offer a general rank evaluation based on the applicant’s information submitted through our online questionnaire.

Guidance on financial preparation

Provide guidance on how to prepare financial support documents.

This service doesn’t include:

1. Releasing information of any specific school or program

2. Releasing employment information other than nationwide data  

Please answer the following questions and one of our Chinese consultants will call you back within 5 calendar days! 


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