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Application Process Support

Application Process Support


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For emergency service you will need to order 2 times what you need and add a note when you check out.



AES’s Application Support service is intended to help the applicant schedule and manage his/her application process.

The unit-price of this service is for 1 school.



What's included


Application scheduling for each school/program:

Based on the deadlines, requirements, and your specific situation, an American consultant will design an application schedule for each school/program you are applying to.

Application form preparation:

After thorough discussion, all of your online or offline application forms will be filled out by an American consultant.

Offline package preparation:

For schools that require you to send hardcopy materials, we will prepare a professionally designed coversheet, which can also be used as your package check list.

Unlimited correspondence with the school:

Our American consultant will correspond with the school/program regarding any issues that you are concerned about. Examples would include transcript questions, questions about test scores, checking application status, etc, etc. 

Enrollment procedure guidance:

After making your final decision, you will continue to receive support from AES on school enrollment procedures, such as preparing your financial support documents,  acquiring immigration documents (I-20), planning your trip, etc.

This service doesn’t include:

1. School selection or school research

2. Any essay preparation

3. Paying for your application or mail



Procedure and






You complete our online questionnaire including all the schools/programs you are interested in.

(downloadable after full payment)


Application scheduling for each school/program



Application form preparation

In 5 B-days after having all

necessary information

Offline package preparation

In 5 B-days after having all

necessary information

Unlimited correspondence with school/program

As application goes

Enrollment procedure guidance

As application goes


*B-Days: Monday through Friday Eastern Time are AES business.


Refund Policy


REFUND-You can claim a refund only when all of the following are true: 

1.     During one application season, you ordered School Selection, Essay Writing Package, and Application Process Support for one applicant from Abroad Education Specialists (AES).

2.    You chose and applied to (through our Application Process Support service) at least two safe schools recommended by AES in its School Selection Reports.

3.     You did not receive admission from any of the schools you applied to.

After your refund is approved, you will receive a cash refund for all the services you purchased excluding the Essay Writing Package. We will not refund the money for that service.


1. After submitting full payment, login to your account. You will find the questionnaire and/or Instructions for Uploading Documents under "Order" - "Downloads"

2. Follow the Instructions for Uploading Documents,upload your documents and communicate with AES through the “Tasks” tab.