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School Research

School Research


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For emergency service you will need to order 2 times what you need and add a note when you check out.



School research is designed for the applicant who knows exactly which schools/programs he or she is interested in, but doesn't have the time to organize the application related information for themselves. 

It is your responsibility to inform us of the name of the school and program that you want our American consultant to research.

The unit-price for this service is for 1 program and 1 school. If you want to acquire information about 2 programs that are part of the same school, you still need to order 2 units. 



What's included


For any school that has an English website and contact, we offer a detailed report that includes 28 crucial factors:


1.     Name of the institution

2.     Public or Private

3.     Name of the program

4.     Degree

5.     Rank of the institution

6.     Rank of the program

7.     Location of the campus

8.     Program concentrations

9.     Average duration of the program

10.  Program start date

11.  Prerequisites

12.  Total required credit hours for your degree

13.  Tuition and fee

14.  GPA requirement for admission

15.  Average GPA of previous admitted students

16.  Work experience requirement for admission

17.  Toefl requirement for admission

18.  IELTS requirement for admission

19.  SAT/ACT/GMAT/GRE/LSAT/MCAT/PCAT requirement for admission

20.  Average SAT/ACT/GMAT/GRE/LSAT/MCAT/PCAT of previous admitted students

21.  Financial requirement

22.  ScholarshipFellowshipand Assistantship opportunity

23.  Required application materials

24.  Required essay topic and length limits

25.  Application deadline

26.  Application fee

27.  Online application access

28.  Contact information

For any school in the United States, an additional $8 per school will also provide:

29.  3 years of data concerning available H1-B sponsored positions in your field of study. This data will cover the state that the school is located in and also 4 surrounding states. 

For any information not available on the schools website, our American consultants will correspond directly with the schools by email/phone. 

Click here to see some samples of an Information Report


Procedure and







Questionnaire allows you to list the school and program you are interested in. (downloadable after full payment)



Detailed Information Report with 28 or 29 essential items for each school (In English)





*B-Days: Monday through Friday Eastern Time are AES business days.

1. After submitting full payment, login to your account. You will find the questionnaire and/or Instructions for Uploading Documents under "Order" - "Downloads"

2. Follow the Instructions for Uploading Documents,upload your documents and communicate with AES through the “Tasks” tab.