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School Selection

School Selection


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Our school selection package is geared towards those who want to narrow their search but don’t have the time or are unsure how to do it. Our suggestions are based on your education background, work experience, test scores, and preferences pertaining to location, academic atmosphere, employment opportunities, etc. Currently we only provide school selection service for US based universities.


What's included


A list of schools seperated into three levels:

Hopefuls (1/3): Schools that the you are barely qualified for or are normally very selective.

Primary targets (1/3): Schools that you are qualified for and have a reasonable chance to be admitted.

Safe schools (1/3): Schools that you have great chance to be admitted.

Attention: The schools you are qualified for is mainly dependent on YOUR BACKGROUND. Our American consultant will try to satisfy your ranking requirements, but in the end he/she will give your admittance to an Amercian university top priority. 

A detailed report including 30 important factors of each selected school:

1.     Name of the institution

2.     Public or Private

3.     Name of the program

4.     Degree

5.     Rank of the institution

6.     Rank of the program

7.     Location of the campus

8.     Program concentrations

9.     Average duration of the program

10.  Program start date

11.  Prerequisites

12.  Total required credit hours for degree

13.  Tuition and fee

14.  GPA requirement for admission

15.  Average GPA of previous admitted students

16.  Work experience requirement for admission

17.  Toefl requirement for admission

18.  IELTS requirement for admission

19.  SAT/ACT/GMAT/GRE/LSAT/MCAT/PCAT requirement for admission

20.  Average SAT/ACT/GMAT/GRE/LSAT/MCAT/PCAT of previous admitted students

21.  Financial requirement

22.  Scholarship, Fellowship, and Assistantship opportunity

23.  Required application materials

24.  Required essay topic and length limits

25.  Application deadline

26.  Application fee

27.  Online application access

28.  3 years’ data concerning available H1-B sponsored position in your field of study. This data will cover the state that the school is located and also 4 surrounding states.  

29.  Contact information

30.  Why this school

For any information not available on the school websites, our American consultants will correspond directly with the schools by email/phone. 

Click here to see a sample of a School Selection Report.


Procedure and






Questionnaire with answer tips (downloadable after full payment)


Unlimited discussion with one of our consultants regarding your school preferences

Start in 2 days after receiving your questionnaire

You receive your detailed School Selection Report with 30 essential items for each school (In English)



 *B-Days: Monday through Friday Eastern Time are AES business days.


Refund Policy


REFUND-You can claim a refund only when all of the following are true: 

1.     During one application season, you ordered School Selection, Essay Writing Package, and Application Process Support for one applicant from Abroad Education Specialists (AES).

2.     You chose and applied to (through our Application Process Support service) at least two safe schools recommended by AES in its School Selection Reports.

3.     You did not receive admission from any of the schools you applied to.

After your refund is approved, you will receive a cash refund for all the services you purchased excluding the Essay Writing Package. We will not refund the money for that service.


1. After submitting full payment, login to your account. You will find the questionnaire and/or Instructions for Uploading Documents under "Order" - "Downloads"

2. Follow the Instructions for Uploading Documents,upload your documents and communicate with AES through the “Tasks” tab.








任何可能影响选校的特殊情况,请您务必通过信息采集问卷或提交问卷后的客服沟通告知我们。如果是需要与学校明确的情况 (比如是否需要托福成绩,是否具有转学担保协议等)我们会保证与美国大学明确。