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Visa Application Process Support

Visa Application Process Support


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For emergency service you will need to order 2 times what you need and add a note when you check out.


Our Visa Application Process Support service will assist you complete the DS-160 US visa application form, prepare documents needed in a visa interview, and practis through an English interview (In a practice Visa Interview, our interviewer will pretend to be an officer at the US embassy. Questions regarding the purpose of your travel will be included, and further questions may follow based on your answers.)



What's included


DS-160 form completion

Detailed guidance of supporting documents preparation

No more than two 5 to 10 minute English Interviews with our professional interviewer.

A question by question evaluation report to help improve your performance.



Procedure and







Questionnaire(downloadable after full payment)


Complete a DS-160 form

Within 3 B-days* of receiving your questionnaire

Provide deal guidance on supporting documents preparation

Visa interview scheduling


Within 2 B-days of paying the application fee

Two 5-10 minute English interview practice

Decided by both parties

A question by question evaluation report (In English)


*B-Days: Monday through Friday Eastern Time are AES business days. 

1. After submitting full payment, login to your account. You will find the questionnaire and/or Instructions for Uploading Documents under "Order" - "Downloads"

2. Follow the Instructions for Uploading Documents,upload your documents and communicate with AES through the “Tasks” tab.



  • DS-160美国签证申请表在线填写及签证预约
  • 签证资料筹备指引(详细告知您需要准备的材料以及标准)
  • 一次5-10分钟的英语面试
  • 一份对您面试表现进行逐题分析的评估报告,帮助您在短期内进行改进
  • 签证结果查询及追踪